Plant a tree

Let's plant to fight against global warming and to ensure a supply of essential food


The project concerns three multi-species tree planting sites. The first plantation is 150*200 linear m, the second is 175*200 linear m and the last is 200*200 linear m. All hedges are double and planted in a staggered pattern.


In total, four tree species were selected for their ability to adapt to the hot desert environment. The irrigation system used and the taste according to taste, a large part of the trees will be covered with greenhouses, the farm will be equipped with a probe and these species will be planted judiciously depending on the development of their roots, for example willows will be planted at an angle in the bank to improve root retention.

Information about the farmer

Sarl Aerosun Farm A farming business owned by three people including a woman

Ecosystem services


Trees planted

Objective: 12,670 trees



Planting type

Agroforestry, hedges

Planted species

Olive tree, Palm tree , Lemon trees...

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