Why do I plant?

The tree is essential for achieving a good balance between the land and its inhabitants

Produces oxygen

Through photosynthesis, the tree transforms water and carbon dioxide into oxygen. Enough for the consumption of two people for a year.

Fight against climate change

To grow properly, the tree feeds on carbon dioxide throughout its life. With, on average, more than 10 kg of CO2 absorbed per year, the tree contributes to reducing the additional quantity of carbon in the atmosphere, responsible for climate change.

Improves water quality

Via its roots and leaves, the tree filters and recycles rainwater, transforming it into purified and drinkable water. This 100% natural process recharges and stabilizes the water table level.

Reduces erosion

Thanks to its roots, the tree fights against landslides by retaining the earth and preventing its erosion, more particularly, the trees represent a real shield against the advance of the desert.

Purifies the air

Trees are real natural air filters, the leaves of the tree capture pollutants and dust particles carried by the wind, thus limiting their circulation and thereby improving the quality of the air we breathe.

Regulates extreme climate variations

Through the process of evapotranspiration, the tree releases humidity into the atmosphere, which influences the local humidity level and helps regulate extreme climate variations.

An essential source of nutrition

Ensuring a permanent source of basic food (fruits, olive oil, olives, dates, lemons, etc.), wood for heating and even medicines… We enable everyone to own their own fruit trees.

An essential source of human life

An essential and renewable resource that humans have always used for food, cooking, and health care.

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