Why My-Tree ?

Crowdfunding as a climate change regulator and creator of opportunities for intensive afforestation as a new path to agricultural development

At a time when nature and climate are deteriorating and prices are rising at an unprecedented rate, My-Tree is a Social Initiative faces a challenge: to rehabilitate degraded ecosystems by planting fruit trees and providing food self-sufficiency.
My-Tree was born out of the realization that climate degradation is a problem, but that it is not impossible to stop or reduce its increase. In order to give everyone the opportunity to invest significantly and sustainably in intensive afforestation projects with a very available amount, we needed to find a simple way to plant fruit trees. This is how our solidarity and participatory platform was designed, through which each individual gesture adds to the other and creates a broad social and economic dynamic. There are billions of us who can participate, enough to create entire new vast regions that provide food for the investor permanently and sustainably.
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Mohamed Boudjouadi

Founder of My-Tree

Our goals

Raise awareness

By informing and mobilizing public opinion on the need to reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming.


By participating alongside those on the ground to restore degraded natural environments and reclaim land.


By encouraging projects with a strong positive impact.

Our engagements

Project quality​

Our projects generate multiple social and environmental co-benefits. Farm types and their sustainability are monitored by independent third-party organizations.

The experience of our partners

Our technical partners in this field have been carefully selected for their seriousness, their experience and their perfect mastery of the field, working with respect for the environment and ensuring quality project management.

Planting trees

During the planting season we call you to plant the trees in you purchased online, at the chosen location, with our partners the farmers.

90% of funds Paid to farm partner

We purchase trees with 90% of the funds collected online so that you can plant them during the planting season in the chosen projects.

Our mission

My-Tree’s mission is to provide a sustainable source of nutrition and fight climate change by allowing everyone to become actors in united and sustainable action. We realize the scale of the task we have to accomplish, and we are determined to meet this enormous challenge with you. With this goal in mind, we chose to create a structure that combines the principles of crowdfunding with the values of flexibility, startup responsiveness, and sustainable investment. Because My-Tree is a new form of business that aims to achieve social, economic and environmental benefits, we are committed to monitoring and securing all stages of investment from the period of disbursing the collected funds via the Internet directly to our partners until you obtain your share of the production yield.

An economic model serving the well-being of humans and the planet

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